A Honey of a Deal!

It’s fair to say that bees are on my mind lately. There are so many ways to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Whether you add a spoonful to your tea, drizzle some over oatmeal, or use it as a sugar substitute, honey is an indispensably sweet staple in most kitchens. But, if you’re used to buying honey that comes in the cute plastic bear bottle, you’re not getting the best quality honey. For those of you who aren’t benefiting from your own local honey, there is still a way to enjoy it.


Colony Collapse Disorder

While there are many reasons being considered to determine why our bees have disappeared, one possibility is colony collapse disorder derived from systemic pesticides. The first generation aren’t necessarily impacted which makes it sometimes difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of a loss. While the hives were registered and pesticide applicators fulfilled the requirements, the damage was still possible. Bees aren’t aware of our man-made schedule for pesticide application and tend to be out and about whenever it best suits their needs.

Celebrate Fall with a Giveaway!

We are giving away books, a journal, a coffee mug, and more! If you want to enter, all you have to do is fill out the entry form below. You can complete as many or as few of the tasks as you would like but the more that you enter the better your chances of winning will be! The giveaway will end on Friday, September 23 and the winner will be announced the following week.

Stocking Up: Pears

Pears are relatively simple to work with and there are only a couple of things to keep in mind. First, you need to wait until they are ready. Peaking them too early results in very hard, difficult to work with produce. It takes some patience and there is a fine line between when they are ready and when they are over-ripe. If you are in a hurry and want to rush the process a bit, you can wrap your picked pears in newspapers and wait a day or two. It’s important to check them so they don’t over-ripen. The best type of pears for these preservation methods are either Bosc or Bartlett (we use Bartlett). Here are a few of my favorite ways to preserve the harvest.

Easy Tips for Getting Lunch in the Bag

It hardly seems possible that school time is upon us once again. Even as a homeschool mom, lunch time is busy and I find the days go much more smoothly if I’ve taken some time to plan ahead. When my kids were little, they loved having their own little lunch all ready to eat and now, as a busy family with teens who eat at a variety of different times, grab-n-go is essential. Here’s a round-up of some of my top picks from the web.

Ten Ways to Make Your Own Olympic Fun!

No matter what your interest level in sports, it’s hard to miss the excitement of the Summer Olympics! Our family is learning more about swimming lately as a family friend is a swimmer and suddenly this event is of interest to us all. And there is always the connection to our very own American athletes. In fact, my brother let me know yesterday that someone his wife knows is competing. There are endless opportunities for learning and getting active! Whether you are a homeschooling family or looking to keep the kids entertained until school resumes; here are some tools to inspire learning and help you host your own Olympics at home!

Lessons Learned in the Hay Field

The only things I knew about hay when we started were that horses ate it and it made me sneeze like crazy (did I mention I was a city girl with lots of allergies?!) Over the years, I have had a love/hate relationship with hay. It is an exhilarating feeling to be caught up in the rush of getting everything done just in time and beating the weather. It never fails, you are always working against the deadlines Mother Nature imposes. And with hay, you do it several times per summer which means that as soon as the challenge is met, you are already thinking about the next round.

Where in the World?

Life moves at the speed of sound most of the time but it’s important that we enjoy the fruits of our labor. Perhaps it’s a homemade dinner provided from your hard work or a relaxing evening walk with your significant other. Maybe it’s taking time to play a game with the kids while the dishes wait. I will likely never be as productive as I secretly hope to be or conquer this twenty acres of my corner of the world but that’s not really the point. I want be sure I’m not striving toward your future goals so intently I forget to count my blessings. It’s really sinking in that these years are precious and all too soon the kids will be out on their own. The quiet will become deafening and things that suddenly seemed so important will be insignificant. My world is here and now.

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